Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Madilynn almost 20 months old

Ta-Da! It is all gone Mommy, can I have another??
She sure is a Smart Cookie - sometimes she is too smart for her own good :)
Oh how I love her so much!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Madilynn, is so great. I get to experience the best and worst of all worlds with this little one! It is great, tough, challenging, and amazing all at the same time... I guess that is why they call parenthood the greatest Adventure of all. It is an adventure no doubt.

She is becoming more and more expressive everyday. It is fun to see her communicate with me and with others, sometimes I wonder if her favorite word is 'Mama!!' and yes she says it with the exclamation points, remember she is her mothers daughter! Oh but her little babbles light up my life, and give everyone a good laugh - it is so cute to hear her act like she is conversing, with the serious facial expressions and all!

Madi is not the little girl that stands behind the scenes, nope, she is the one up on stage - she is the main character, demanding attention. She brings smiles to peoples faces, and warmth to their hearts. I am so proud to be her Mommy.

Although this adventure can be difficult it is still oh so much fun, I never know what to expect. I am learning from Madi to be a little more laid back. Sometimes I strive for perfection... and with a little one in tow, all of my human imperfections come to the light.

Whether it is trying to get her to pose for a picture, or attempting to go out to eat (ha!) - I am constantly being challenged by little Madilynn Paige. I know now why babies are so small, if they were big could you imagine the damage that they could do?

Here are a couple pictures of Madi and Will at the YMCA, she had a little incident that night too, she fell and they had to file a report - no dull moments with her!

I look forward everyday to this Adventure it is filled with fun and wonder.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eventful Times

With Madi there are no dull Moments... Because of who she is! This picture describes it perfectly. She sure does light up my life though, and there seems to be laughter at all times. I love this kid!
Sunday night was fun, doing our usual routine: Dinner, Bath, reading, then 'Ni-Ni' AKA bedtime, which she has not been a huge fan of lately...

She has been picky lately with what and when she wants to eat, so I was having a hard time getting her to eat dinner. I told her that I would give her a treat if she ate a little more - who knows if she knew what I was saying, but she ate a little more, so I gave her a white chocolate covered red velvet cake - yumm! She loved it! She started to crawl out of her chair (I didn't have her in her high chair, because she is getting a little bigger and she knows how to sit in a chair and eat at the table now) and she crawled up on to the counter, I asked her to come down and sit on her bottom. She shook her head no. I told her if she didn't sit in the chair I would take her cake away, she was still reluctant, so I took it away. She did the usual, screaming at the top of her lungs in frustration. My response was, "Sit in your chair and I will give it back." Again she shook her head no, so the cake was done, and Madi wasn't too thrilled. Can you say stubborn?

It was bath time, and she loves the bath which is surprising, because she hates me washing her hair or anything else for that matter, all she wants to do is play. She grabbed the cup that I use to wet her hair and scooped up water and began to drink it pouring it all down her chest, she choked a little and I raised her arms. She kept choking, when all of a sudden red vomit came out with the water that she was choking on. That wasn't the end of that... Once she saw the 'red stuff' in the water she of course responded very quickly before I could grab her and stuck her hands in it and stirred it around in the water. I couldn't help but laugh, because NO moment with Madi is dull! So I had to give her another bath!

Bedtime was fun, we read and snuggled. Mommy, Melody, and Madi - it was probably a Kodak moment. She loves me to read to her... I don't know if it is because it is soothing to her or if it is because it delays bedtime, but regardless I still LOVE it! These moments are priceless to me, I cannot get enough. Sometimes I wonder if children are a gift, to parents. Everyday my eyes are opened more and more to beauty and life because of her... Being a Mom is truly amazing, and indescribable! I love it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

some candy Plllease!

Halloween was a blast. We had fun hanging with cousins: Ember, Cole, Cleo, Collin, and of course Auntie April and Uncle Seany.

We started at Levona's apartment building. Then we headed to the Harvest Party at church for a bit. Following that we went to Rolling Meadows in Inver Grove Heights. Yes, we have a ton of candy!

Madi was a fairy princess, she is so stinkin cute!


Okay - So I am a little late posting this, but better late than never... right? I am a busy Mom

Last week we went to visit our friends Alyshia and Sophia. Sophia is about a year older than Madi. They have fun together.

When Alyshia was scooping up food for the little ones, she gave madi a cup - not a sippy cup, but a big girl cup! Madi struggled a little spilling it. But she seemed to perfect the task before dinner was over.
Yayy, Madi! She is growing up and becoming a big girl. My baby can drink from a cup!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A little more on Madi

I wish that I would have started a blog for Madi a long time ago! I am bummed because there are so many posts on my blog that should be over here. So I decided that I am going to link all of those posts HERE

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crabby Patty

Madi has been pretty cranky lately, I was thinking that she was coming down with something. Then yesterday I noticed 4 new little teeth poking through, she has 4 on the bottom front, four on the top front, and 4 molars total - one on each gum top and bottom (proportionate). Now she is getting all four of her eye teeth, two on top two on bottom - holy cow when they come, they come!
She is going to have a mouth full of teeth here in a month or so :) Poor baby is in pain!

Copy Cat

My little Mini-Me, Madi, decided that she wants to be like Mommy. Yesterday I decided that it was time to clean out my mess of a closet. As I began to pull everything down from the shelves Madi was right by my side. I am sure that it was all fun and games to her. She left the closet for a seco0nd only to come back with an arms full of clothes that she decided to pull out of her dresser. I told her to go put them back. I followed her as she waddled back into her room - her arms filled with her clothes, she approached the bottom drawer of her dresser that was opened with clothes strewn about, and she plopped all of the clothes back from where she found them. I smiled, she is so cute. Having a baby is quite entertaining!

We then proceeded back to the job at hand, cleaning out the closet. Madi wandered in and out, playing with things that Ipulled off of the shelves. She left for a few minutes, and so I became suspicious as to what she was doing and where she was. So as I walked out and approached the living room what I saw brought an even bigger than before smile to my face...

She apparently wanted to clean and reorganize the place too. As you will notice in the photo above she gathered items from many different places, some of the items are: Her teddy bear, blanket, candles from the living room shelf, my purse, her bowl with peas in it, books and toys from her room, a few items of clothes from dirty clothes hamper, air freshner, and the pile of mail (which looks like magazines). Whew, she was a busy girl! I cannot wait until she is older and really knows how to reorganize, with this talent she could go far!

I love her, she never ceases to bring a smile to my face.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Ruff, Ruff"

she has discovered how to make all kinds of new noises and sounds. When she sees any animal whether a cat, Dog, or a bug crawling on the ground she starts to Bark. It is pretty cute!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Noodles Please

No meat, she is not a fan! She loooves her noodles, and I have proof... yes, of course it is in picture form! Alyshia calls me the paparazzi - well to Madi at least.

Finger licking good!

Digging in...


Her favorite word EVER - and one of her favorite things, yes Shoes! They are all over the place all of the time, because she loves them so much! I cannot help but wonder if she will be a girly girl...

She is 18 months old now - and growing like a weed. Everyone seems to be enthralled by her. The things she does, and the way she does them are so cute. I don't know. maybe it is just me, I am her Mom after all... But she is just so darn adorable!

This morning she woke up early. I reluctantly got up, a little irritated. As I opened her door, there she was with that cute little grin on her face, revealing the cute gap in between her front teeth. She was jumping up and down, ecstatic to see her Mommy. My attitude immediately changed and I couldn't help but giggle at my precious little one. I love this little girl so much - and she doesn't even realize it! This must be how God feels about us as his children... A parents love for their child astounds me, it is so powerful.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wanna Sucker?

She did great! We went to get her first hair cut, and it was perfect. She stayed still and didn't move an inch. Boy, she sure is growing up in a fast way!
She even got a sucker, and she strolled around like she owned the place, it was adorable

Monday, September 28, 2009

Cutesy Girl

So her thing right now is baby-dolls, shoes, purses, pretty things... and of course, I just Looove it! She is growing up and it is so fun. She is saying a ton of new things, and it was great yesterday when I was handing her a baby and I prompted her over and over to say baby, she finally got it, then kept reapeating it over and over as if she discovered something new, "Babay, babay... Babay!" I love her.

Here is a picture that I took when we went shopping yesterday at Target. Gotta love the pigtails.

Friday, September 25, 2009

look at this little life

Play on Words

"Madi, say Hot."
"Hotttt," with her teeth poking through.

"Madi say down."
"Dowwwwn," and her lips pucker...


Awe, my little baby girl is getting it! She is actually talking and comprehending the concept of having the ability to make these sounds, and copy what I say. It is so awesome watching her little life bloom. She is a little human, it is amazing. Just a year ago she couldn't even move around on her own and now her she is cruising around, chatting it up, and taking all of it in!

People always told me how much they love their children, that it is like no other love, but you really don't know it until you experience it yourself. The bond between Madi and I is amazing, I am determined that my love for her can move mountains!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy {little} Body

She is a busy bee for sure! and so much fun!

We had a very eventful Labor day weekend. We went to the cabin for a bit - four and a half hours later Madi was ready to be out of the car with good reason! There are so many fun things that she did - this is the best stage yet! According to Shirley I will continue to think that throughout her life...

A few fun things that Madi is doing right now:
- Copying everything that I do and that includes taking my tissues putting them up to her nose and blowing... Yes, I have seasonal allergies and they just kicked in - no fun!
- Loving the life of being a girl - carrying purses; playing with dolls; and Yes, she indeed loves shoes - that is my girl!!
- She says cheese for the camera - with the cheesy grin on her face.
- She is getting into everything now and there is no stopping her, or for that matter keeping up with her... hence the house is a mess, but it is all worth it.
- Putting things in places they should not go - She shoved my toothbrush down the sink, I had to fish it out, silly girl. Other places she loves to put things like her toys: the Toilet and the Garbage can.
- She can climb off of the bed and the couch with no assistance and also can go up and down the stairs like a big girl.
- Her babbles are adorable and sound very much similar to what normal talking would be but it is just a bunch of sounds put together - no real words, although I do hear her say some words dispersed throughout her babbles.
- She does not like anything around her neck - this includes bibs, and life jackets - sad I know, no life jacket = no boat!
- She is very vocal, and opinionated! but I guess that is nothing new
- I really feel as though the terrible two's have set in! She has the fit throwing down pat, that is for sure. I just let her do it though, and try to pay no attention, it seems to help her simmer down sooner than when I respond - not only that my reaction teaches her how I am going to respond, so I try not to give in...

It sure is fun, and I am learning sooo much, as is Madi - she is a little sponge, I really really would love to put her in early childhood development classes of some sort because she is taking it all in right now.

So long for now - no need to worry, I am sure that I will post again soon - life with her is eventful, I can only imagine all that I will be blogging about next...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Toddler Time

Her true colors really popped out on Tuesday when Amanda, Madi and I went to dinner at Outback...

Screams galore, and tantrums as well. I think that I had my first official 'Mommy Meltdown', I got sorta panicky, stressed, and of course... embarrassed! I couldn't believe that my precious little baby, who once was so helpless and dependant on me, had become defiant, opinionated, and as independent as EVER!

If I touched something that she didn't want me to touch, or if I did something that she didn't want me to do the squeals came out {and I am talking the breaking the glass high-pitch screeeeaaams!}... We got some interesting looks, and got to hear some outsiders perspectives. We relocated from inside to the outdoor patio, where there were a lot less people to agitate.

The Mommy Meltdown consisted of me feeling inadequate and not knowing what to do - after all, I have never experienced anything like this with a child of my own, so I just dealt with it, and if she would scream for something I would take it away that way she knew that screaming didn't get her what she wanted... we will see how it all goes - but I am not gonna lie, the 'Terrible Two's' are right around the corner and I am not sure how I am going to handle, I just want to do what is right, I am not a huge fan of making mistakes...

So put your glasses up ladies and *Cheers* to Motherhood :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

all of the small changes...

Kisses, clucking her tongue, giving high-fives, hugs, chatter, carrying a purse, saying lots of new small words, doing lots of new fun things, being ultra attatched to her paci at the moment, all of the cute little faces that she makes - and oh so much more! How in the world can anyone keep up with all of these changes!? I feel like they are getting away from me!

I remmeber last year when Madi was an infant and she made some tiny little changes every once in a while and I would take note at every single small little change, and now they are being spewed at me, no longer in a calm consistent fashion... but from every direction, she makes multiple changes daily! I keep thinking to myself, okay where do I begin writing all of these cute little things down?? But I know that I am appreciating the new moments because they are coming and going in a fast paced way... I will try to keep up, but now it makes sense to me why the baby books only cover the first year - there is just too much too cover in the following years :)

I love her!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yes or No

No it is! Everything is happening so fast, how can I keep track?!

I have been long awaiting the day when I would hear this word come from my daughters precious lips, "No!" not necessarily anticipating, but definitely awaiting, because I knew that it would come... and it came over the weekend. It happened so fast, she is already a pro at saying No. She even knows how to shake her head all of a sudden!
Did someone teach her or what!?
hmmm, that was probably me.

She does know how to say yes now too, apparently they came as a pair because last week she couldn't say (or at least she Didn't say) either of the two.
I love her - she sure is growing up quick, I am missing the baby in her but I am loving the new little girl that I see in her with so much personality.

My big heart is so proud of her, I hope that she can see herself someday through my eyes - she will be amazed!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Little Spunk

No quietness, calmness, or peace around here!
She is an explorer discovering her world and if you try to stop her she might just run you over or give you hearing loss with the shrill tones of her screams...

She is a blast though, and it is no wonder that she still naps more than once a day (sometimes 3 times). She is a ball of energy when she is awake! We went to dinner last night and it was quite the experience filled with screams, tantrums, laughter, running around, and food all over the place... needless to say I was exhausted after our small endeavor was over! I am thinking that eating at home just may be the better way to go at this stage in her life.

She is 16 months old now, and moving forward full speed. She is a just a little kid, taking it all in. She really observes everything around her. I have been noticing how she will mimic everything that she sees: laughing a belly laugh when others around her are laughing; trying to snap herself into any seat that I put her in; trying to brush her own hair and teeth; trying to unscrew the water bottle top; Her new thing is shaking her head No, amazingly she still has yet to say the word, which I am totally okay with :)

I love her, she rocks my world!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Oh, Shoot!"

Apparently parents do rub off on their kids, it isn't just a rumor - It is a FACT! and as a matter of fact Madi decided that she wanted to mimic something that I tend to say quite often, "Oh, Shoot". Wow, it sure does get funner, being a Mom and all... She is at such a great age. She is a ton of fun and boy does she make Dan and Me smile!! as well as everyone else smile for that matter. I couldn't have created a better daughter, God knew how precious Madi's heart and soul was going to be to me, I adore her, she spins my world around!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

She is so cutesy

Yesterday we had a fun time running around town getting stuff done and Madi tagged along and observed all that was happening. She is such a little girl now, no longer is she my itty bitty baby, it blows my mind.

I set her in her car seat and she put both of the straps over her arms and started to attempt buckling the seat... SO stinkin cute! what a big girl.

She was so good. She was quiet and observant most of the time, she would chat a little bit or sing to music in the car. I just love being with her and watching her grow, she rocks my world!!

It was a fun day.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Most Beautiful Experience

Last night was such a relaxing night. Madi was sleeping and I was relaxing and lounging around our new home, listening to a beautiful compilation of songs performed by Don Ross and Andy Mckee, the Album is titled 'The Thing That Came From Somewhere'. It is purely a compilation of guitar, no vocals or anything else, it is so soothing.

Madi started crying at about 10:30, the crying did not taper off after a couple minutes, so I went into her room. As I looked into her crib she was laying there with her arms wide open, signaling me to pick her up. It was the cutest thing, especially because her PJ shirt said 'I Love Mommy'.

I reached down and grabbed her and Melody - Her bear, that she loves so much. I handed her her sippy cup and she guzzled the water down. Once she was done she handed me her cup, let out a big sigh, then she nuzzled her face into my chest - as I smiled.

I went over and turned on her nightlight, as she continued to grip me close to her. I figured that it was a great opportunity to give some love to my daughter, which I love doing! We proceeded to the rocking chair and I embraced her, wrapping my arms around her as I rocked the chair back and forth.

She was loving it, embracing Me with one arm, and Melody with the other. As she lay with her head on my chest, I could tell she was at peace. We were both loving each other - and I felt so invigorated - I felt beautiful - I felt so blessed...

As the music played I reminisced over the last 15 months, of her amazing little life. I continued to rock her... I was running my fingers through her hair, and caressing her little face, and rubbing her tiny arms and legs as she laid so vulnerably in my arms, falling back asleep. I cannot believe the responsibility that God has given me, to guide this child through her life, to help her grow, and to teach her how to best live her life, I am like a shepard and she is like a little sheep that God has given me to care for...

It was so beautiful, I wish I had a picture... But instead I only have words to describe last night, and a memory that I will cherish forever!

Monday, July 27, 2009

As time passes...

My daughter is growing, and it amazes me to see how far she has come, how much she has grown, and how amazing she is...

Yesterday when we got home from church she walked into the foyer sat down and began to un-velcro her shoes. She was taking them off at the front door, so I assisted her, once they were off she stood up, then started to climb up the stairs like a big girl! It was so adorable, I want to capture all of these precious moments because I know that before long they will be over...

I love my little cutie pie - she brings smiles to my face constantly!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Little Lady in {pink}

"uh-oh" she says!

Oh... she knows if it is wrong! She may look innocent, but she knows! I love her for it though. Throwing things in the toilet, pulling all of the toilet paper off of the roll, putting things in the garbage that do not belong there, and the best story EVER... drum roll people... Painting her own toenails - and everything else - on Mommy's new carpet :)

I know, I know. What was I thinking?! right... if only I had put it away. But that is life, and that is what brings smiles to our faces - moments like these!

Well, there is no doubt that she mimics everything that I do. I remember about a month ago I went in and opened the bathroom cupboard, and madi was in tow as usual, I grabbed a Q tip and began cleaning my ears, Mini Me Madi, decided to grab one too, then she proceeded to attempt putting it in her ear, as I pulled it away she screamed... that was only the begining... it was a learning lesson for Mommy, for sure!

So back to the subject at hand: Yesterday I figured 'hey! her personality has mellowed down a little bit, maybe she will finally let me paint her toenails' - with a smile on my face. So, I ventured out to find a pair of cute sandals that I could put on her that way her toes were somewhat contained before I painted them... I put the snug sandals on her feet, pulled out the OPI Cherry Blossom {bright pink}, cute as ever, nail polish and began to paint her cute little toes. She loved it and she stayed still sitting in my lap, watching in adoration, and of course, I - the girly girl of all girly girls - was thrilled that she is finally letting me do what I have wanted to do forever! For the first time, her feet resembled cute girly feet, yay! I felt accomplished...

So, I screwed the top back on the polish and set it on the living room end table then I went back into madi's room to clean up the mess that I made searching for the perfect sandals for her, she didn't follow me - which is unusual because I often mistake her for being my tail... it was quiet for a few seconds and part of me was suspicious, So I ran back into the living room and to my great surprise she was sitting on the carpet painting her toes a "little" more, apparently I didn't paint them enough.

I gasped in horror!
I said in a very loud voice, "Madi!!"

She dropped the brush and began to squeal, with the cute puckered frown on her face... Poor baby, she was only doing what she just saw me do. (sorry I didn't even think to get a picture of the carpet until after the fact, it lloked worse than her foot, thankfully I caught her before she ingested it!)

I laughed, picked her up, embraced her and reassured her that everything was okay, then I put her into her high chair and immediately began to make phone calls, to figure out how to get the "what was once beautiful pink" out of my beautiful new carpet...

I love her! It was great, I ended up using a whole bottle of acetone to clean the carpet, and it worked... amazingly! I calmed Madi, gave her a bath and now, I will have a great memory to share with her when she is older.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

it's the small things that matter...

she can officially unlatch the top clasp of her Graco car seat - kid is wayyy to smart for her own good!

she totally calls out to me and calls me Mama, I love it, it gives me butterflies.

An independent streak has kicked in and if she doesn't want to do it, she is sure to let you know!

Madilynn is a daddy's girl, she kicks and screams when I attempt to pick her up from him, not all the time but some of the times - and I am not going to lie it breaks my heart a little bit when it happens.

She is a great walker, she can even run really well.

Her babbles are sounding more like real bits and pieces of words, before I know it she is going to be a chatter box.

She loves to dance and sing, and she still loves Melody, her bear.

The pacifier is only an nighttime thing now, which is a relief, I was worried that it would be hard to break her of it.

Madi loves to give kisses she sucks in, puckers up, and leans in... assuming that anyone is going to kiss her - it is cute!

Madi is not into TV, which is sometimes tough, because I would love to cuddle with her on the couch and relax and watch a movie - it won't happen though she is way too rambunctious!

I love my 15 month old daughter - Can it get any better than this??

Most Beautiful

My wonderful friend, Tamrah, took photos for Madilynn's 15 month shoot, last night. CT Ryan does an amazing job! she sent me a little teaser and I cannot help but want to post it...

Monday, July 20, 2009

"he won't answer my call!"

Picture taken July 10th - 15 months old

Madilynn's 14th Month

Originally Written on June 17th 2009-
Although I have a few baby books going, I can't help but feel like I am going to miss documenting some precious and priceless moments with my ever growing beautiful daughter.

Madi is doing fabulous! she is as cute as ever and loving her life.

A few fun facts about Madi at 14 Months old...
-she is: Climbing CLIMBING Climbing, all over Everyyything!
-Saying "whats-that" while pointing at anything and everything is a hobby of hers.
-Getting into everything possible, and snickering at me if my reply is "No."
-She hates laying still for me to change her diaper!
-She has so many curls, her hair is hard to tame... often it is scruffy in the back from her laying on it, so I will call her Scruffers!
-I think that she thinks she is a celebrity because I take so many pictures of her!
-Leanna, her cousin who she goes to daycare with, is her arch enemy. They beat eachother up and fight often. It is a love-hate relationship, I think that she is really Madi's best friend
- she is a girl already, drama and all.
-Her knees are all scuffed up and bruised, from falling... she just gets right back up though without tears in her eyes now, she has learned to tough it out, and just keep going...
-She loves her bouncy horse and her princess mobile.
-Anything that makes noise is her favorite!
-If I say "Kisses" she puckers and puts her lips to mine, talk about melting my heart...
-She loves to climb stairs, but DOES NOT know how to come down them properly, I about have a heart attack everytime she goes for the stairs to go down... fearing she is going to crash pretty hard someday.
-She laughs a lot - by throwing her head back - and it is contagious.
-She throws some pretty good fits. She typically throws her body backward and falls to the floor hurting herself in the process. I find myself wondering what age 2 will be like.
-Her big thing is handing me something and yelling "Thank-you" at the top of her lungs, as if she is trying to let me know that I NEED to take it from her. Probably because I say thank you and reach my hand out to her to hand me something that she is not supposed to be touching!
-She is a screamer and she always has been, it is becoming more like a very loud, shrill, screech... I laugh, because little does she know it doesn't phase me much!
-I call her my Little Spunky, My Boogie, Babes, My Love, Mads, Babe-sters, and Madders!
-She will actually wear flip flops, the thong in between her toes doesn't bother her, amazingly, because everything else seems to bother her.
-She loves to share her food, even if it is soggy from already putting it in her mouth.
-She is extremely clingy to her Melody bear lately.
-She is off of the bottle for good, and she has no issues with it, she loves her sippy cup, and loves drinking out of a big girl cup.
-She would rather be naked than have me put clothes on her.
-She freaks out now when I pour water over her head in the bath, she used to be fine with it, I don't know where or when the switch occured.
-Mac and Cheese is by far her favorite food, I can tell because none of it ends up on the floor and when she eats it she says nummmm, numm, num, the whole time! - as well as all other noodles... -She likes to try and put my shoes on her feet.
-I am finally able to somewhat successfully brush her teeth.
-She loves Music, and is a natural dancer, I must say I am very proud of her dancing skills!-Snacks are something that she must have all the time, but they end up all over the floor at home or in the car by the end of the day.-She is quite opinionated... like she has been since the day she was born.-She is taking her pacifier less and less, which is great.
-She is becoming a little more attatched to me and less receptive to being with strangers.-Madi is very uninterested in TV, which is good I guess, although it is a bummer for me sometimes when I want her to be occupied so I can get stuff done:)
-I cannot get her to stay still, she is way too interested in running all over the place.
-She grows cuter and more adorable everyday, I cannot believe that I gave birth to such a beautiful child!
-She is a fun filled, entertainment for me, all I have to do is watch her and I will be amused!-Yesterday she attempted to put my bra on, it was hilarious!
-Everything that looks like it can be put on goes over her head: My sunglasses, my purse, a shirt, socks... you name it she tries to put it on over her head.
-She says "Uh-Oh" a lot, which is fitting because she either drops or breaks everything...
-She is so smart, she loves taking my phone putting it up to her ear and babbling, I must be on my phone a lot...
-She loves to look at Pictures.-I didn't baby-proof the house, and it is going pretty well so far, I just have to work with her a little bit.
-I am pretty sure that she loves both Dan and I ALOT, we are by far her favorite - which brings a smile to my face.
-She definetly undertsands the concept of Bye-Bye, and likes it :)
-The biggest thing that I have noticed is that she is a big girl now, it seems like there is no baby left in her...
Two days ago I was laying on the couch watching TV while she played with her toys, she picked up her bear, came up to me, and put her hand in my direction wiggling her fingers and grunting - signaling that she wanted me to pick her up - so I did, she actually layed still with me and we fell asleep snuggling on the couch together... It is the priceless moments like that when I feel so blessed and in love with my baby girl!

Madilynn Paige - My Love

Today Madi is 466 days old, or to simplify it - Because she is growing up so fast - she is 15 months and 10 days old. Where has the time gone?? My baby is no longer a baby, she is a little person with her own preferences, attitude, and cute spunky personality - she is toddling around everywhere, and discovering the world, her life is like a blank canvass that is becoming a masterpiece.

Why I haven't created a blog, just for her, I don't know... But better late than never! right? So I have finished her 1 year baby book, and began another - that I had to compromise because there are NO good baby books for babies over 12 months - It is fabulous, and fun, keeping track of all of the milestones and now I can enjoy looking back and reminiscing over the first year of her life. It went by so quickly and so much has happened, I am glad that I was able to document it all.

So my goals will be to update this often, and to note small cute little changes that my daughter encounters. I am so proud, and really I couldn't be more in love and in awe of her, she is the LOVE of my life.