Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"it's okay"

Madi reassures me often, telling me "It's okay" in her cute enthusiastic, high pitched girly voice. She is so cute, and even though she is so innocent and sweet and fragile - she is my backbone.

Time is flying by and I so desperately don't want to forget all of these precious moments as she grows. She is growing up so fast. There is always something new going on in her world. She is learning so much day in and day out. I am so proud to be her Mom!

She caught on really quick with potty training. The beginning of September 2010 she would wake with a dry diaper. So I decided to introduce the potty. Success! there have been some accidents here and there - which is to be expected, but so far it has been easier than I anticipated. I don't even dread public, it is great :) my two and a half year old is pretty much potty ready! I love it. We kissed diapers goodbye :)

her first official obsession, and when I say obsession that is EXACTLY what I mean... Princess!! She loves anything and everything princess. As far as being a girly girl, she has got it down pat. I love it! She even loves to rock my heels that are getting dusty because mommy doesn't wear them too often. I love it because, in her girly-ness I see myself all over again as a little girl. I cannot wait for her to start dance, she already loves it and she has yet to begin a class.

She digs movies, especially princess movies! She loves to color, and is actually quite good at it for a two year old. Purses, dress up, shoes and clothes - she loves it all. She loves her kitchen and enjoys pretend cooking and eating.

Melody is still her best friend, and she prefers her original bear - she won't take a new one to bed at night, she likes the worn out tags on the bottom. she nixed the music box though and just uses melody for a good cuddle every once in awhile, especially if she is worked up emotionally - it brings her security.

She still babbles a lot, but it is cute. I work with her on proper annunciation but she doesn't care to respond correctly - so I am not pushing her, that is what school will do for her at 5. She talks a ton, and is a little chatter box. She has the politeness down (finally) and I love it :)

Madi has such a youthful, particular, carefree personality - and is very headstrong. No one will ever stand in her way, that's for sure! She is independant but does great with her friends. She loves to give and get kisses and hugs, she is sweet in that way. But when she wants to be left alone she will be sure to let you know! she is a feisty one.

We began swimming lessons this fall. So far so good :) she loves the water. Her favorite is jumping in. Kicking a swimming seem to come naturally to her.

As for the terrible two fits she was throwing during summer - they have calmed and gotten much better, and now when she has them they are much more manageable. Some have forewarned me for the terrible-three's... hopefully they won't be as bad, but I am prepared.

She has my hair for sure - color and all. Dans coloring and his eyes. Her mouth is just like mine, but she has the beautiful Rosario (Puerto Rican) lips. she is a beauty, I can only imagine what the teenage years will bring. I need to get some more practice on the shotgun, the boys will be chasing after her.

Motherhood is a fun roller coaster of unknown twists and turns. The excitement is never ending, it only intensifies as time goes by. I never knew I could love something so much. Madi has truly been a gift, that has opened my eyes up to the beauty of true, unconditional love - the love of a mother for her child.