Thursday, January 14, 2010

Change is happening every moment of everyday

Madi is a busy bee, doing so much and learning so many things. Everything is happening so fast that sometimes it is hard to document it all. So I figured I would make it simple for myself and just write a list of updates:

~ Madi LOVES Purses, they are one of her favorite things.

~She has recently discovered two things: how fun it is to flush the toilet over and over and over, and how to pick her nose - she really enjoys doing the latter all throughout the day.

~She is a Pro-Present opener, so much so that she opened anything that was in front of her on Christmas day, that included my gifts and some of her cousins gifts too.

~She has become a pro at throwing tantrums too! The other day when I suggested that we leave she yelled no and proceeded to throw herself and the ground, scream, kick, and hit... Yes, it was a public place and I finally managed to get her out of the building, although it was without a jacket on... anyone who says parenting a two year old isn't challenging, I have a bone to pick with them.

~She loves baby dolls, it is adorable to watch her care for them.

~She is verbally behind, but so was I at her age. She does say a lot of cute things, although most of the times she rambles on and on, without really pronouncing anything.

~Some of the things she says often: 'What is that?', 'Here you go.', 'No, mine!', 'Wa-wa', 'Num-num', 'Up', 'Shoes' and all of the other small things like Ma-ma and Hi.

~She has discovered how to smile for the Camera, using her "Cheese Face" (picture posted, it is too cute for words)

~She has been saying some interesting words... she really likes the word Uck and everything that rhymes with it, hence we have the F word, not so appropriate, which seems to be fitting for Madi ;) nothing she seems to do is appropriate in public, quite the deviant I know.

~She seems quite obsessed with shoes lately, preferably heels of sorts, her favorite gift this Christmas was... drum roll... you got it: SHOES! Princess shoe set.

~Her hair is growing finally, and she was cursed with my fine hair that tangles really easily, she might just loves or maybe hate the curls some day... we will see.

~She has gone potty on the toilet twice now!! Hopefully her fascination with it will continue!

I am loving every moment of this thing called parenting, she sure does keep me on my toes.