Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leaps and Bounds

Madilynn, she is taking leaps and bounds. It almost seems like everyday she learns something new. It is amazing to watch, as a parent, seeing a beautiful little flower bloom. As I watch the beautiful colors and blossoms grow I cannot help but smile.
Madi is so animated, and excited! She loves to dig in and try everything out. She has so much energy it is really astonishing, the other night she just kept running laps around the house just for the fun of it giggling along the way.

I am pretty sure that anyone who has spent any time with her in the last few weeks will agree with me when I say that Madi has her own dialect and language. She will talk your ear off forever and you might not even understand a word of what she said, but with all of her expressions and animations you know that she really did say something with meaning behind it, it is so adorable. I actually did get it on video the other day, it is pretty darn cute when she goes off on tangents.

Madi is getting really good at puzzles; she loves baby dolls and caring for them, even pushing them in a stoller or carrying them around in a baby seat; she loves to be with me and be at my level, hence being on the counterop - one of her favorite places; As always shoes and purses are her favorite things, especially my stiletto heels and her princess dress up shoes she got for Christmas; She really understands the concept of ownership and that certain things belong to certain people, so she will do things like take away my phone from someone who might be using it and come and give it back to me; Coloring is something that she really loves to do, especially if I give her markers; She is doing really well with interaction and play dates, overall her sharing is really good, although every once in a while I will hear squeals from either her or her playdate; Books are something that she really enjoys, even on her own she will go and sit in her book corner in her room and pretend to read; she loves the childrens museum, or anything that interactive and active like the park; she loves to climb jungle gyms and go down slides; Madi is so lovey, she loves to give and get hugs, cuddles and kisses to and from everyone, it just melts hearts! I love having a happy baby.
Madi and Melody are like a team, very rarely do you see Madilynn without Melody her bear. I am completely okay with it, because it brings her security wherever she is at whether it is my house, Dan's house, her gradma's house or someplace else she can find security in it. The pacifier on the other hand became like a crutch and she began demanding it more and more. The last few weeks we have decided that we will only be giving it to her at night or nap-time, and only if she asks for it. It has been going really well.

She is coming into her own and gaining more and more independence everyday. She eats very well with a spoon and fork by herself, and drinks from a cup really well. She likes to blow her own nose, and brush her own teeth. She is picking up on a lot of things that I do and she even mimics the small things that I don't even think to notice i.e. taking my deodorant and putting it down her shirt, through the collar - just like I do every morning :)

She is really starting to understand the concept of manipulation. She is quite dramatic and will throw a fit or give out a scream or even cry if she isn't getting what she wants, the "Terrible Twos" as they call it, has really set in. It is challenging to me and Madi both, but I know that we are both growing through it.

Parenting is tough, but as they say what doesn't kill you makes you stroger, and it is true, because of Madi I am a stronger person. I think that once you have a baby something changes in a person, for the good, I understand now the love of a parent and the drive to be better for your child. I am excited to grow with Madi, this adventure called Motherhood is an amazing fun adventure.