Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Madilynn, is so great. I get to experience the best and worst of all worlds with this little one! It is great, tough, challenging, and amazing all at the same time... I guess that is why they call parenthood the greatest Adventure of all. It is an adventure no doubt.

She is becoming more and more expressive everyday. It is fun to see her communicate with me and with others, sometimes I wonder if her favorite word is 'Mama!!' and yes she says it with the exclamation points, remember she is her mothers daughter! Oh but her little babbles light up my life, and give everyone a good laugh - it is so cute to hear her act like she is conversing, with the serious facial expressions and all!

Madi is not the little girl that stands behind the scenes, nope, she is the one up on stage - she is the main character, demanding attention. She brings smiles to peoples faces, and warmth to their hearts. I am so proud to be her Mommy.

Although this adventure can be difficult it is still oh so much fun, I never know what to expect. I am learning from Madi to be a little more laid back. Sometimes I strive for perfection... and with a little one in tow, all of my human imperfections come to the light.

Whether it is trying to get her to pose for a picture, or attempting to go out to eat (ha!) - I am constantly being challenged by little Madilynn Paige. I know now why babies are so small, if they were big could you imagine the damage that they could do?

Here are a couple pictures of Madi and Will at the YMCA, she had a little incident that night too, she fell and they had to file a report - no dull moments with her!

I look forward everyday to this Adventure it is filled with fun and wonder.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eventful Times

With Madi there are no dull Moments... Because of who she is! This picture describes it perfectly. She sure does light up my life though, and there seems to be laughter at all times. I love this kid!
Sunday night was fun, doing our usual routine: Dinner, Bath, reading, then 'Ni-Ni' AKA bedtime, which she has not been a huge fan of lately...

She has been picky lately with what and when she wants to eat, so I was having a hard time getting her to eat dinner. I told her that I would give her a treat if she ate a little more - who knows if she knew what I was saying, but she ate a little more, so I gave her a white chocolate covered red velvet cake - yumm! She loved it! She started to crawl out of her chair (I didn't have her in her high chair, because she is getting a little bigger and she knows how to sit in a chair and eat at the table now) and she crawled up on to the counter, I asked her to come down and sit on her bottom. She shook her head no. I told her if she didn't sit in the chair I would take her cake away, she was still reluctant, so I took it away. She did the usual, screaming at the top of her lungs in frustration. My response was, "Sit in your chair and I will give it back." Again she shook her head no, so the cake was done, and Madi wasn't too thrilled. Can you say stubborn?

It was bath time, and she loves the bath which is surprising, because she hates me washing her hair or anything else for that matter, all she wants to do is play. She grabbed the cup that I use to wet her hair and scooped up water and began to drink it pouring it all down her chest, she choked a little and I raised her arms. She kept choking, when all of a sudden red vomit came out with the water that she was choking on. That wasn't the end of that... Once she saw the 'red stuff' in the water she of course responded very quickly before I could grab her and stuck her hands in it and stirred it around in the water. I couldn't help but laugh, because NO moment with Madi is dull! So I had to give her another bath!

Bedtime was fun, we read and snuggled. Mommy, Melody, and Madi - it was probably a Kodak moment. She loves me to read to her... I don't know if it is because it is soothing to her or if it is because it delays bedtime, but regardless I still LOVE it! These moments are priceless to me, I cannot get enough. Sometimes I wonder if children are a gift, to parents. Everyday my eyes are opened more and more to beauty and life because of her... Being a Mom is truly amazing, and indescribable! I love it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

some candy Plllease!

Halloween was a blast. We had fun hanging with cousins: Ember, Cole, Cleo, Collin, and of course Auntie April and Uncle Seany.

We started at Levona's apartment building. Then we headed to the Harvest Party at church for a bit. Following that we went to Rolling Meadows in Inver Grove Heights. Yes, we have a ton of candy!

Madi was a fairy princess, she is so stinkin cute!


Okay - So I am a little late posting this, but better late than never... right? I am a busy Mom

Last week we went to visit our friends Alyshia and Sophia. Sophia is about a year older than Madi. They have fun together.

When Alyshia was scooping up food for the little ones, she gave madi a cup - not a sippy cup, but a big girl cup! Madi struggled a little spilling it. But she seemed to perfect the task before dinner was over.
Yayy, Madi! She is growing up and becoming a big girl. My baby can drink from a cup!