Friday, January 6, 2012

Beautiful Child

My heart could explode. Every time I look at Madilynn I am in awe. It is amazing because my love only continues to grow for her - even when I don't feel like it can grow any larger.

Madilynn's First Day of Preschool - Salem Hills Elementary

So many changes are happening everyday, it is hard to keep up with her. She began Preschool at Salem Hills Elementary October 24th 2011. She LOVES it there and is excelling. I am so impressed with the program and everything that they have to offer. Ms. Kathy and Ms. Joanne are her fabulous teachers.

She is starting to grasp so many more concepts. Madi is wired so uniquely, it is really beautiful how she is contently her own person, I love it. She may technically be behind regarding her communication and language, but she is advanced in so many other ways - she feels deeper than the average 3 year old, she understands on a different level, she has depth. Her spirit is so sweet and kind - she is empathetic and realizes how her choices affect others. She is perceptive and intuitive, more so than any other 3 year old I have met. Her love is amazing, natural and pure - I can feel it, and I am addicted to it. Her hugs, her kisses, and her "Mommy you are beautiful"s are enough to get me through the toughest days. People are drawn to her, because she has this sweet positive energy about her. I can just sit and watch her and I can see God in her. I can never get enough.

Madilynn loves music, and thoroughly enjoys singing along to all music (whether she knows the music or not). The first two songs I noticed her singing along to were Super Base - Niki Minaj and Adele - Someone Like You. There is nothing more precious than hearing your child sing.

She loves movies, especially the intense dramatic ones, she quotes so many movies as she watches them. I love watching her engage with the characters. The other day she was watching a film and there was a sad, heartbreaking scene and she began to cry, empathizing with the characters - I was amazed that at 3 years old she is able to grasp the emotion behind the actions of the characters. Madilynn has a soft heart, full of love and tenderness.

October 2011

I am wowed day in and day out to see what she can create out of paints, markers and a blank piece of paper. She is truly an artist. Her favorite past time is to create art. She is always creating new designs, mostly abstract like the one above. I have so many pieces it is hard to know what to save and what to throw - so for now I have piles of hundreds of pictures more precious to me than a Picasso painting. My daughter is talented.

November 2011

She is a princess, and loves all things girlie. She is so her mothers daughter. My heart Gleams when I watch her dress up, put on her lip gloss, wear my high heels, beg me to paint her nails pretty, smile at herself in the mirror... she is adorable.

She loves Dancing. She began dance class in Sept 2011 and loves going to class. She is the free spirit of the class no doubt, usually doing her own thing - she stands out of the crowd - I cannot wait to watch her perform on stage.

Her teachers love her and have only great things to say. She listens and behaves so well. They said "we have never seen her anything but Happy" and that she is a joy to have. Madi is a very happy-go-lucky little lady who loves to be active, loves to learn, and loves to connect with people.

It keeps getting better. Parenthood is a roller coaster ride, full of excitement. I am so blessed. Everyday I thank God for Madilynn, with her my life feels so at peace.