Saturday, March 12, 2011

Night and Day

Madi keeps changing... she is growing up, and in less than a month she will be three.

Some of her favorite things:
-Melody (and her tag)
-Princesses. She wears a princess dress-up dress daily over her clothes - she will even demand to sleep in it.
-Painting. Water colors and fingerpainting - she prefers it over markers, crayons and pastels.
-Chocolate. It can be candy or cake it doesn't matter. The other day I gave her applesauce she pushed it away and said, "chocolate please" yeah Madi... not happening.
-Movies. Ponyo and TMNT are two of her favorites right now.
-Cereal, yogurt, noodles, mac-n-cheese, and candy are her favorite things to eat.

unique to Mad's:
-She hates anything dirty or messy especially her hands and face.
-Madi likes everything a certain way... for example she wants her cup and napkin set a certain way around her plate and if I move anything she will not have it. She likes to be tucked in a certain way at night.
-Green is her favorite color. she chooses green and blue over all other colors anytime there is an option of color.
-Bath time is not her favorite, by any means, she usually fights me when it is time to bathe... sadly.
-She is a picky eater and won't even try it based on appearance (she doesn't get that from me)
-She doesn't like hot food she prefers it Luke warm or cooler.
-One of my favorite things about her is that she doesn't get into things that she isn't supposed to touch. She has never even broken anything... I don't ever have to worry about "what she is getting in to" it is great.
-Attitude is her game. She has A LOT of it!
-Water is her drink of choice.
-Sleep is no issue with her, she embraces it well, as long as she has Melody, water, and a blanket.
-She thrives on routine. Every night before bed we read a book, pray, give hugs and kisses, then I turn on music - if any of those are not in the equation she is not a happy camper.
-Getting prettied up is something she loves to do.
-She is organized and likes things put together. She lined up all of barbies shoes in her princess castle in front of the dresser in barbies room. it is cute.
-Cuddling is something she is great at, and kisses and hugs - I love it when she is sweet.
-Stubbornness is one of her greatest characteristics, if she doesn't want to do it, she will fight tooth and nail.
-Music and dancing are things she really enjoys.
-She loves for me to tickle her skin: arms, legs, feet, face - she even prompts me.
-She is very sensitive - it reminds me of myself. She will become sad if I say no to something, and pucker up her lip.
-The camera isn't her favorite thing...
-Painting her nails is something that she would be happy if I did everyday.
-Her hair is fine and curly - just like mine as a kid.
-The car is her happy place. If she is screaming and freaking out, that is a place that will calm her.

Madi is night and day - she is either the sweetest little thing, or the most angry little girl you ever did see. Naps are a must, if she doesn't get one than life is miserable! She likes to be on the go. But if I need a calm chill day, she does great with that too - she is content with cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie, I love it. Madi is full of life and character. Everyone loves her.