Thursday, August 27, 2009

Toddler Time

Her true colors really popped out on Tuesday when Amanda, Madi and I went to dinner at Outback...

Screams galore, and tantrums as well. I think that I had my first official 'Mommy Meltdown', I got sorta panicky, stressed, and of course... embarrassed! I couldn't believe that my precious little baby, who once was so helpless and dependant on me, had become defiant, opinionated, and as independent as EVER!

If I touched something that she didn't want me to touch, or if I did something that she didn't want me to do the squeals came out {and I am talking the breaking the glass high-pitch screeeeaaams!}... We got some interesting looks, and got to hear some outsiders perspectives. We relocated from inside to the outdoor patio, where there were a lot less people to agitate.

The Mommy Meltdown consisted of me feeling inadequate and not knowing what to do - after all, I have never experienced anything like this with a child of my own, so I just dealt with it, and if she would scream for something I would take it away that way she knew that screaming didn't get her what she wanted... we will see how it all goes - but I am not gonna lie, the 'Terrible Two's' are right around the corner and I am not sure how I am going to handle, I just want to do what is right, I am not a huge fan of making mistakes...

So put your glasses up ladies and *Cheers* to Motherhood :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

all of the small changes...

Kisses, clucking her tongue, giving high-fives, hugs, chatter, carrying a purse, saying lots of new small words, doing lots of new fun things, being ultra attatched to her paci at the moment, all of the cute little faces that she makes - and oh so much more! How in the world can anyone keep up with all of these changes!? I feel like they are getting away from me!

I remmeber last year when Madi was an infant and she made some tiny little changes every once in a while and I would take note at every single small little change, and now they are being spewed at me, no longer in a calm consistent fashion... but from every direction, she makes multiple changes daily! I keep thinking to myself, okay where do I begin writing all of these cute little things down?? But I know that I am appreciating the new moments because they are coming and going in a fast paced way... I will try to keep up, but now it makes sense to me why the baby books only cover the first year - there is just too much too cover in the following years :)

I love her!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yes or No

No it is! Everything is happening so fast, how can I keep track?!

I have been long awaiting the day when I would hear this word come from my daughters precious lips, "No!" not necessarily anticipating, but definitely awaiting, because I knew that it would come... and it came over the weekend. It happened so fast, she is already a pro at saying No. She even knows how to shake her head all of a sudden!
Did someone teach her or what!?
hmmm, that was probably me.

She does know how to say yes now too, apparently they came as a pair because last week she couldn't say (or at least she Didn't say) either of the two.
I love her - she sure is growing up quick, I am missing the baby in her but I am loving the new little girl that I see in her with so much personality.

My big heart is so proud of her, I hope that she can see herself someday through my eyes - she will be amazed!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Little Spunk

No quietness, calmness, or peace around here!
She is an explorer discovering her world and if you try to stop her she might just run you over or give you hearing loss with the shrill tones of her screams...

She is a blast though, and it is no wonder that she still naps more than once a day (sometimes 3 times). She is a ball of energy when she is awake! We went to dinner last night and it was quite the experience filled with screams, tantrums, laughter, running around, and food all over the place... needless to say I was exhausted after our small endeavor was over! I am thinking that eating at home just may be the better way to go at this stage in her life.

She is 16 months old now, and moving forward full speed. She is a just a little kid, taking it all in. She really observes everything around her. I have been noticing how she will mimic everything that she sees: laughing a belly laugh when others around her are laughing; trying to snap herself into any seat that I put her in; trying to brush her own hair and teeth; trying to unscrew the water bottle top; Her new thing is shaking her head No, amazingly she still has yet to say the word, which I am totally okay with :)

I love her, she rocks my world!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Oh, Shoot!"

Apparently parents do rub off on their kids, it isn't just a rumor - It is a FACT! and as a matter of fact Madi decided that she wanted to mimic something that I tend to say quite often, "Oh, Shoot". Wow, it sure does get funner, being a Mom and all... She is at such a great age. She is a ton of fun and boy does she make Dan and Me smile!! as well as everyone else smile for that matter. I couldn't have created a better daughter, God knew how precious Madi's heart and soul was going to be to me, I adore her, she spins my world around!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

She is so cutesy

Yesterday we had a fun time running around town getting stuff done and Madi tagged along and observed all that was happening. She is such a little girl now, no longer is she my itty bitty baby, it blows my mind.

I set her in her car seat and she put both of the straps over her arms and started to attempt buckling the seat... SO stinkin cute! what a big girl.

She was so good. She was quiet and observant most of the time, she would chat a little bit or sing to music in the car. I just love being with her and watching her grow, she rocks my world!!

It was a fun day.