Monday, September 28, 2009

Cutesy Girl

So her thing right now is baby-dolls, shoes, purses, pretty things... and of course, I just Looove it! She is growing up and it is so fun. She is saying a ton of new things, and it was great yesterday when I was handing her a baby and I prompted her over and over to say baby, she finally got it, then kept reapeating it over and over as if she discovered something new, "Babay, babay... Babay!" I love her.

Here is a picture that I took when we went shopping yesterday at Target. Gotta love the pigtails.

Friday, September 25, 2009

look at this little life

Play on Words

"Madi, say Hot."
"Hotttt," with her teeth poking through.

"Madi say down."
"Dowwwwn," and her lips pucker...


Awe, my little baby girl is getting it! She is actually talking and comprehending the concept of having the ability to make these sounds, and copy what I say. It is so awesome watching her little life bloom. She is a little human, it is amazing. Just a year ago she couldn't even move around on her own and now her she is cruising around, chatting it up, and taking all of it in!

People always told me how much they love their children, that it is like no other love, but you really don't know it until you experience it yourself. The bond between Madi and I is amazing, I am determined that my love for her can move mountains!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy {little} Body

She is a busy bee for sure! and so much fun!

We had a very eventful Labor day weekend. We went to the cabin for a bit - four and a half hours later Madi was ready to be out of the car with good reason! There are so many fun things that she did - this is the best stage yet! According to Shirley I will continue to think that throughout her life...

A few fun things that Madi is doing right now:
- Copying everything that I do and that includes taking my tissues putting them up to her nose and blowing... Yes, I have seasonal allergies and they just kicked in - no fun!
- Loving the life of being a girl - carrying purses; playing with dolls; and Yes, she indeed loves shoes - that is my girl!!
- She says cheese for the camera - with the cheesy grin on her face.
- She is getting into everything now and there is no stopping her, or for that matter keeping up with her... hence the house is a mess, but it is all worth it.
- Putting things in places they should not go - She shoved my toothbrush down the sink, I had to fish it out, silly girl. Other places she loves to put things like her toys: the Toilet and the Garbage can.
- She can climb off of the bed and the couch with no assistance and also can go up and down the stairs like a big girl.
- Her babbles are adorable and sound very much similar to what normal talking would be but it is just a bunch of sounds put together - no real words, although I do hear her say some words dispersed throughout her babbles.
- She does not like anything around her neck - this includes bibs, and life jackets - sad I know, no life jacket = no boat!
- She is very vocal, and opinionated! but I guess that is nothing new
- I really feel as though the terrible two's have set in! She has the fit throwing down pat, that is for sure. I just let her do it though, and try to pay no attention, it seems to help her simmer down sooner than when I respond - not only that my reaction teaches her how I am going to respond, so I try not to give in...

It sure is fun, and I am learning sooo much, as is Madi - she is a little sponge, I really really would love to put her in early childhood development classes of some sort because she is taking it all in right now.

So long for now - no need to worry, I am sure that I will post again soon - life with her is eventful, I can only imagine all that I will be blogging about next...