Thursday, October 29, 2009

A little more on Madi

I wish that I would have started a blog for Madi a long time ago! I am bummed because there are so many posts on my blog that should be over here. So I decided that I am going to link all of those posts HERE

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crabby Patty

Madi has been pretty cranky lately, I was thinking that she was coming down with something. Then yesterday I noticed 4 new little teeth poking through, she has 4 on the bottom front, four on the top front, and 4 molars total - one on each gum top and bottom (proportionate). Now she is getting all four of her eye teeth, two on top two on bottom - holy cow when they come, they come!
She is going to have a mouth full of teeth here in a month or so :) Poor baby is in pain!

Copy Cat

My little Mini-Me, Madi, decided that she wants to be like Mommy. Yesterday I decided that it was time to clean out my mess of a closet. As I began to pull everything down from the shelves Madi was right by my side. I am sure that it was all fun and games to her. She left the closet for a seco0nd only to come back with an arms full of clothes that she decided to pull out of her dresser. I told her to go put them back. I followed her as she waddled back into her room - her arms filled with her clothes, she approached the bottom drawer of her dresser that was opened with clothes strewn about, and she plopped all of the clothes back from where she found them. I smiled, she is so cute. Having a baby is quite entertaining!

We then proceeded back to the job at hand, cleaning out the closet. Madi wandered in and out, playing with things that Ipulled off of the shelves. She left for a few minutes, and so I became suspicious as to what she was doing and where she was. So as I walked out and approached the living room what I saw brought an even bigger than before smile to my face...

She apparently wanted to clean and reorganize the place too. As you will notice in the photo above she gathered items from many different places, some of the items are: Her teddy bear, blanket, candles from the living room shelf, my purse, her bowl with peas in it, books and toys from her room, a few items of clothes from dirty clothes hamper, air freshner, and the pile of mail (which looks like magazines). Whew, she was a busy girl! I cannot wait until she is older and really knows how to reorganize, with this talent she could go far!

I love her, she never ceases to bring a smile to my face.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Ruff, Ruff"

she has discovered how to make all kinds of new noises and sounds. When she sees any animal whether a cat, Dog, or a bug crawling on the ground she starts to Bark. It is pretty cute!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Noodles Please

No meat, she is not a fan! She loooves her noodles, and I have proof... yes, of course it is in picture form! Alyshia calls me the paparazzi - well to Madi at least.

Finger licking good!

Digging in...


Her favorite word EVER - and one of her favorite things, yes Shoes! They are all over the place all of the time, because she loves them so much! I cannot help but wonder if she will be a girly girl...

She is 18 months old now - and growing like a weed. Everyone seems to be enthralled by her. The things she does, and the way she does them are so cute. I don't know. maybe it is just me, I am her Mom after all... But she is just so darn adorable!

This morning she woke up early. I reluctantly got up, a little irritated. As I opened her door, there she was with that cute little grin on her face, revealing the cute gap in between her front teeth. She was jumping up and down, ecstatic to see her Mommy. My attitude immediately changed and I couldn't help but giggle at my precious little one. I love this little girl so much - and she doesn't even realize it! This must be how God feels about us as his children... A parents love for their child astounds me, it is so powerful.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wanna Sucker?

She did great! We went to get her first hair cut, and it was perfect. She stayed still and didn't move an inch. Boy, she sure is growing up in a fast way!
She even got a sucker, and she strolled around like she owned the place, it was adorable