Friday, May 28, 2010

talking. running. whining.

"Watcha doin Mama? Watcha doin?"When those words came out of Madi's mouth I was in shock and I had a great admiration for my beautiful growing daughter. Just three months ago she could only say a handful of words and wouldn't attempt saying anything that she didn't know how to correctly pronounce. She must have gained confidence after turning two, either that or she fully believes me when I tell her that she is a big girl and she can do it. 'walk at one, talk at two' is the rule, and it was so true. Right after she turned two she would finally attempt all words.
I will say, "Madi can you say _____________?" and she will repeat it; sometimes butchering the word, but I love it nonetheless! My baby is growing up. She can talk and communicate now.

Madi has a beautiful, determined spirit, with a bit of impatience. She is beautifully head strong, and a risk taker, who seems to have no fear. It is only when she is presented to people that she is not that familiar with, that her shyness is revealed; she clings to my leg, I love it-it reminds me of when I was a little girl clinging to my Mom. She is demanding and at times not so kind. I am constantly reminding her to "be nice." She repeats it after me while showing me a nice touch, caressing her arm back and forth. She gets it, and I love it! Finally, we have moved past the phase of no communication.

Madi is a Big girl now. When she cries, I remind her, "You are a big girl Madi, you can talk now, tell Mommy with your words. I cannot understand screams like I understand words." It has been helpful, I think she knows what I mean. But it is the whining that has taken effect that I have a harder time with-she has started to whine more when she talks. Hopefully it is another phase...

She is two now. Since her outdoor birthday, which was a ton of fun, we have changed two big things; 1)she is no longer in a crib, she has a big girl bed now, and 2) No more pacifier!!! yayy!
It was a hard transition-the pacifier, I mean. The first night she cried herself to sleep. Emotionally it was very tough on me. I question ever using a pacifier again... I felt like a horrible mommy, taking her paci away. She demanded it til the moment her eyes closed that first night (following almost an hour of cries). The second night went better, and she only requested it a few times. I reminded her that she is a big girl. I had a talk with her about giving them to her baby cousins, because she has grown up and they are still babies. So Madi and I packaged them up, and I had her hand them over to abby, her baby cousin. I reminded her of that the second night, and then she demanded that we get them back. I had a little chuckle inside, because I knew that when I watched her hand them over, she probably didn't fully understand the implication of handing over the pacifiers to abby. Now when she sees them she doesn't even attempt to put them into her mouth, it is great living paci free :) As for the bed, it is great, the transition was simple and she does very well, staying in bed all throughout the night.
Melody and Madi are still a pair, she loves that bear. I don't foresee her ever sleeping without it!

We have started some potty training, but it might be a bit early - I don't want it to backfire, so I am letting her take the lead. She will tell me when she is ready. She loves the potty, and I don't want to ruin that. She will also go all night without going potty in her diaper, so I anticipate it not being too tough.
She is extremely independent, and a leader for sure. She is sharp and doesn't look past the details, she notices everything, even going to the extent of pointing out the little spot on the carpet. She is meticulous about things, putting them in their proper place-or atleast where she sees fit. Madilynn is determined, once she sets out to do something, even if there are roadblocks in her way, she will push through toward her goal. She is a fighter for sure, which has already posed many challenges to my authority. But her heart is kind and soft, I can tell she cares. If she knows she is wrong, she feels remorse and a will give the most genuine hugs and touches showing her sorrow. I love when she embraces me and pats my back with her hands. She has my sensitivity, which is a blessing and a curse-believe me, I know-she will cry with the lips curled down if I say no to her with the wrong tone. I love her. Every day I am in awe at my baby girl who is growing into a girl of her own. Madi is definitely her own person, and I love it.

She likes to be on the go constantly, demanding me even. "Outside Mommy!" she loves to go... to get out. One night she woke at 1am and I went into her room, she grabbed my hand and began to tug at me, "Bye-bye mommy! go bye-bye!" she demanded. She wasn't to happy when I told her it was night-night time.
She is active for sure. She can run circles around me. I am convinced that if we ran a 5k together she could outrun me today. Sean and I went to the park last month, to go for a walk. I let Madi out of her stroller, and she began to run.When she was about 30 feet away, down the walking path, I began to commence her back. But she didn't listen. I continued to call to her, but before I knew it she was about 60 feet away. So I continued to call to her while beginning to jog toward her. But she was determined to run, and like I said-nothing can stop my driven child from her goal. She ran, and she ran, and ran. I began to laugh as I picked up my pace. She is like me, someone who is driven toward what they want, even if others attempt to stop us. She warms my heart.

She works well with others, and yet is totally fine playing and being alone. She loves to be very active, taking walks and playing at the park are her favorite things to do. She loves puzzles, and always demands to color, especially with pens, rather than crayon (of course). Again, like I have said all along, I think she might be a singer-she loves music. In the car she bops her head and tries to sing along, like mommy does. It is so stinking cute!

She has such great enthusiasm, it comes out all the time, but is the cutest when she is excited about something. Her pitch elevates, and she gets louder with excitement, usually screaming too. Her voice is adorable, everyone comments on it, she has brought smiles to so many faces.

Madi is a chatty kathy most of the time-unless she is in a shy or tired mood. She still has parts that are her own dialogue, I know that she wishes she could babble on like I do, and so she does-in her language atleast. She is putting few word sentences together, and knows to say please and thank-you.

She loves animals, and definitely shows enthusiasm every time she sees one! The cutest is how she responds to bugs, squealing and jumping around, she will even picking them up.

She loves being a girl: sunglasses, shoes, purses, babies, and loving everything colorful, frilly and pink. But with that said, she has no issue getting dirty or being rough and tough for that matter...

She is growing pickier about the food that she eats, preferring anything sweet over everything else. It is hard to get her to eat a lot. She likes milk, and loves water. Candy is her favorite, and the enthusiasm shows it face again when candy is in the picture.

She is very adaptable, although she may be shy in the beginning she will usually always open up to something new.

I see myself in her, and I am surprised at how much I love it. She has grown to be someone that gives me such a great meaning to life. When my day is hard, all I need is a kiss or hug from her and it can turn right around. If only she knew the power that she had over my heart, I don't know what I would do without her. I cherish her more than anything I have ever loved. I never knew that I could love something or someone so passionately, intensely, and unconditionally. I am still amazed day in and day out. I am so blessed to be her Mommy!