Monday, December 16, 2013

Enjoying the small things

When you have a little human in your life who captivates your attention, affection and your energy... It brings you to a place of appreciating the small things. Being an adult can be so intense, and worrisome. 

Having a child has reminded me how to live life a little less seriously, appreciating the  magical moments that everyday gives us, not being so consumed by the busy life and over arching duties that I have as a single mom, working and going to grad school full-time. Madi is my constant reminder to live a simpler life filled with joy, living unrestrained, doing anything, not worrying... Knowing that eventually everything will get done, it will all be okay in the end, you might as well have fun in the process. Madi has taught me all over again how to be present in this moment, in a place of wonder and delight. I have relearned how to see through the eyes of a child.

These are the things I get to join in with my daughter: Twirling around and around, while squealing, throwing our arms in the air, until we are too dizzy to stand. Dancing our hearts out at the end of a movie, hand in hand. Admiring the sky, pointing out figures in the clouds. sketching two friends holding hands, wearing big smiles on their faces. Running as fast as I can pushing Madi in a shopping cart through the snow filled parking lot, giggling the whole way. Nose kisses. Lots of cuddles. Seeing who can blink the most, the fastest. Throwing skittles in the air, catching them with our faces. Chasing her around the house, listening to her squeal with the anticipation of being caught - I love hearing her excitement. Picking up the guitar, strumming, out of tune, making up lyrics as she goes. Watching Funny kid movies. Experiencing Unconditional love. Finding delight in the novelty and newness of everything. 

These are the things I get to venture into because I have a wee little joy-filled five year old girl by my side. Lucky me. I've had the beautiful opportunity to experience childhood again, alongside Madilynn. 

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