Thursday, October 20, 2011


time flies... it has been awhile since I have updated. So here goes.

I have a ... Dancing. twinkle-little star singing. laughing. Pretty much, no more napping. Coloring. cleaning. Picky eating. 'I have an Owie.' Loving. Movie Watching. Play-dough playing. Lip gloss wearing. Pretty-pretty princess pretending. Fake food serving. Book enjoying. Somersault flipping. Melody Loving. Praying. Babbling. jump up in the air, tapping. water drinking. well-behaving. Energy producing. Leotard wearing. Chatting. Caring. little girl.
Everyone loves her vibrant energy. 3 years old is so much better than the terrible-twos. I only have to tell her once and she gets it, she understands consequences well, and she behaves so much better than she used to.

She is so curious about everything now... she went to Dodge Nature preschool over the summer. She loved it and the teachers loved her. She got to get her hands (and whole body) dirty pretty much everyday.

 I am nervous about ever having another child just because I know that the chances of me ever having a child as easy and as great as her are fairly slim. She is such a good-girl and listens so well.

She loves bath time. She even embraces bedtime well, we have a set routine that she loves to follow. Brush your teeth (sometimes a bath), read a book, say our prayers, kisses, hugs and I love you's... every night we embrace each other for a good couple minutes before I tuck her in. She still loves to listen to her lullaby CD throughout the night.
She is an arteist no doubt. Her favorite thing to do is to color and paint (besides watching TV of course)
Oh wow... she is a dancing queen. Pretty sure I have created a monster here. On dance class days she is excited alllll day and when I tell her that she has dance that day I have to plug my ears to block out the high-pitched squeal that comes out of her tiny little self. AND if I let her, she would wear her dance shoes all day everyday...

We had a fabulous summer. Statefair, camping, going to parks... we did a ton of fun things. She loves to be active and do and see new things. Her excitement is so fun to see, she is always squealing and screaming exuberantly.
She loves to Love everyone and everything! If I could freeze these moments in time I sure would. I love every second with her - watching her and interacting with her. Madilynn Paige is a treasure.

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