Friday, August 13, 2010

"I want Princess!!"

said with a squeal!

My little love bug isn't getting any smaller...
Time is flying by and so are the precious moments with my {no longer a} baby. She is a big girl now, and into big girl things!

We went on a trip to California for GRandpa's wedding in July, it was fun, but a ton of work for Mommy. Madilynn was at the peak of what I refer to as her "Rage fits," which defines EXACTLY what they were. yeah... no bueno, for everyone involved. Some nanny 911 tricks seemed to help and she is much better now. Instead of screaming, yelling, hitting and kicking she goes into another room and puts her head in her hands sobbing quietly, cute and sad all at the same time - but I am not going to lie, it is much better than the fits.

Two years has been a blast and a such a challenge all at the same time. I am learning more and more everyday about how to be a better Mom.

Princess, barbies, girly things... that is all she likes right now. I am loving it!

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